Performance from Canto Ostinato from Simeon ten Holt, and Rhapsody in Red by Gabriel Jackson.



Typical russian photo after a concert in Birsk, Sandra and Jeroen together with a Moldavian Pianoduo

Gennady Pystin, artistic organizer and pianist from the 7th. International Pianoduo Festival in Novosibirsk

Sandra and Jeroen playing the portrait from Hedwig by Jurriaan Andriessen

Here playing the Rondo from B. Smetana with an Israelian Pianoduo 

A big square in front of the Opera

From the opera, empty streets...

Fjodor Dostojewsky Street

Just before the Item about pianoduo playing in the morning show from Siberia, 7.40 a.m. 

This church is on the middle from Moscow to Vladiwostok

Beautiful church

And another...

Railway station from Novosibirsk

The Opera

Sandra and Jeroen in the intermission from a program for the Moscow Television (National Broadcasting)

The dinner after the final concert with vodka, cognac, whiskey and wonderful food
Novosibirsk 13-16 April 2002, Sandra & Jeroen on tour in Siberie

The Novosibirsk State Philharmonic

Novosibirsk Airport