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Van Veen Productions

Four Grand Pianos

Playing time: from 90 minutes to 8 hours
Possible combinations we can offer:

Four Pianos
Canto Ostinato, Simeon ten Holt
Horizon, Simeon ten Holt
Lemniscaat, Simeon ten Holt
Incantatie IV, Simeon ten Holt
Meandres, Simeon ten Holt

Rite of Spring, Igor Stravinsky
Les Noces, Igor Stravinsky

Tubular Bells, Mike Oldfield
Pianoconcert in a, Johan Sebastiaan Bach

Merry go Round, Chiel Meijering
Six Pianos, Steve Reich

Les Chants Estivaux, Douwe Eisenga
Piece for four pianos, Morton Feldman
BACH in Strings four Pianos, Bergmann/VanVeen

Totti, Graham Fitkin
White, Graham Fitkin
Voicings, Tom Johnson
Les Moutons de Panurge, Frederic Rzewski
Gay Guerrilla, Julius Eastman

Three Grand Pianos
Entrata, Joep Franssens
Joy, Carlos Michans
Long Night, Kyle Gann

Six Grand Pianos
Six Pianos, Steve Reich
Never odd or even, John Metcalf
Sixteen, Tim Seddon

INDOOR or OUTDOOR performances possible

Piano Ensemble:
Sandra & Jeroen van Veen,
Fred Oldenburg,
Elizabeth & Marcel Bergmann,
Irene Russo,
Tamara Rumiantsew

Piano Ensemble in Utrecht, Railway station, on 5 grand pianos
Sandra Mol, Eka Kuridze, Fred Oldenburg, Tamara Rumiantsev and Jeroen van Veen on Fazioli Grand Pianos.