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For Mr Lawrence, Piano Music

Composer: Riuchi Sakamoto
Artist Jeroen van Veen piano
Format 5 CD
Cat. number 95389
EAN code 5028421953892
Release 2019

BC 95389

1-1 Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence 4:38
1-2 Fountain 2:38
1-3 Solitude Theme 4:31
1-4 Dancing In The Sky 1:13
1-5 Asience-Fast Piano 2:35
1-6 The Sheltering Sky Theme 5:12
1-7 Solari 4:09
1-8 Gohatto 4:20
1-9 Yamazaki 2002 3:22
1-10 Ubi 3:34
1-11 Andata 4:44
1-12 Aubade 1:44
1-13 SILK Endroll 5:04
1-14 Koko 4:49
1-15 Mizu No Naka No Bagatelle 4:23
1-16 Reversing 3:30
1-17 Stepfather 2:31
1-18 Shinig Boy & Little Randy 5:54
1-19 Litany 5:32
2-1 The Last Emperor, Version 1 4:52
2-2 The Last Emperor, Version 2 5:44
2-3 Seven Samurai - Ending Theme 5:40
2-4 High Heels Main Theme 4:05
2-5 M.A.Y. In The Backyard 5:15
2-6 Zero Landmine (Piano Version) 5:46
2-7 The Revenant - Main Theme 2:05
2-8 Tibetan Dance 4:30
2-9 Behind the Mask 3:24
2-10 Blu 6:32
2-11 Rain 4:14
2-12 The Land Song-Music For Artelligent City 5:15
2-13 Dear Liz 4:02
3-1 Thousand Knives 6:02
3-2 1919 6:28
3-3 Batavia 1:04
3-4 Germination 2:30
3-5 A Hearty Breakfast 1:26
3-6 Before The War 2:01
3-7 The Seed And The Sower 5:23
3-8 A Brief Encounter 4:06
3-9 Ride Ride Ride 2:03
3-10 The Flight 1:37
3-11 Dismissed, Assembly 2:46
3-12 Beyond Reason 1:23
3-13 Sowing The Seed 1:52
3-14 Last Regrets 2:01
3-15 The Seed 1:27
3-16 Tong Poo 5:40
3-17 Happy End 7:43
3-18 Kai Koh 5:39
3-19 Gohatto, Piano Version 3:52
3-20 Dear Liz 4:10
3-21 Castalia 5:21
4-1 Amore 5:40
4-2 Lost Child 4:44
4-3 Opus 5:05
4-4 Sonatine 4:02
4-5 Intermezzo 4:42
4-6 Lorentz And Watson 3:40
4-7 Choral No.1 2:32
4-8 Choral No.2 2:23
4-9 Bachata 7:42
4-10 Chanson 3:03
4-11 Distant Echo 6:23
4-12 Aqua 4:12
4-13 Energy Flow 4:28
4-14 Put Your Hands Up 4:58
4-15 Railroad Man 4:09
5-1 Eight Themes Of Eight 3:02
5-2 I Have To Buy A New Pair Of Shoes 2:22
5-3 On The Boat 4:27
5-4 Tamago 2004 2:23
5-5 Before Long 1:39
5-6 Loneliness 1:53
5-7 Perspective 5:31
5-8 Ex Jazz 2:03
5-9 Parolibre 4:55
5-10 Sweet Revenge 3:55
5-11 Tatorso 2:56
5-12 Tango 5:05
5-13 Bibo No Aozora 6:41
5-14 Floating Along 5:47
5-15 A Flower Is Not A Flower 6:12
5-16 Sayonara 3:21
5-17 High Tide 2:43

Composed By – Ryuichi Sakamoto
Piano – Jeroen van Veen (2) (tracks: 1-1 to 2-13, 3-9 to 5-17),
Piano Duo Sandra & Jeroen Van Veen (tracks: 3-1 to 3-8)
Cover Image: Jeroen Van Veen, Steffeln, DE

Recording 16-26 May 2019, Studio II, Pernissimo, Pernis, The Netherlands

Ryuichi Sakamoto (b. 1952)

Ryuichi Sakamoto is an internationally renowned music composer, born in the city of Tokyo, Japan on the 17th January, 1952. Over the last three decades he has worked on numerous collaborative, solo- and film albums, winning numerous awards for his contributions to the world music industry. Sakamoto found a particular appeal in the electronic music setting, later experimenting with a number of genres such as New Wave, Ambient and Minimalism. Having been educated in ethnic music, particularly South Asian and African music, from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1970, Sakamoto began his career playing the piano, creating patterns, phrases and innovative arrangements before finally joining his first commercial electronic pop band in 1978, called Yellow Magic Orchestra.
Some of his earliest contributions came in the form of a top-charting album after the band’s name, producing some stunning singles such as Yellow Magic (Tong Poo) (1978) and Computer Game/Firecracker (1978). Together with some other songs of the band like Technopolis (1979) and Rydeen (1979), the band is known to have contributed significantly towards the shaping of modern genres of Electronic Pop, Hip Hop and Techno. Around the same time, Sakamoto worked on his first solo album, titled Thousand Knives of Ryuichi Sakamoto (1978), effectively blending in a host of electronic music techniques and uniquely synthesizing impressive, durable and consistent sounds. Not long after, Sakamoto released an influential single as part of his 1980 B-2 Unit album, called Riot in Lagos, which was known to be one of the top 50 historical songs in dance music. Throughout the 1980s, Sakamoto began collaborating with a number of international artists, most notably composing singles such as Bamboo Houses/Bamboo Music with David Sylvian and Ikenai Rouge Magic with Kiyoshiro Imawano, the latter immediately top-charting billboards. After collaborating on a host of albums in the early 1990s, such as Heartbeat (1991) and Sweet Revenge (1994), Sakamoto experimented with Latin music in Smoochy (1995) and 1996 (1996). Two years later, he released Discord (1998), featuring some highly electronic and intrinsically decorated tracks that made international headlines. Some of his recent works were in partnership with cellist Jaques Morelenbaum and Alva Noto, with albums such as Casa (2001) and Vrioon (2002) featuring increased digital manipulation and electronic minimalism techniques.
Apart from his revered works in the music industry, Sakamoto has also worked on a number of film scores, most notably director Nagisa Oshima’s Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983), Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor (1987) and The Revenant (2015). His incredible sense of musical direction bearing in mind the thematic contexts of these films won him several awards, all the while working on several other film scores for Tacones lejanos (High Heels) (1991), Wild Palms (1993) and Gohatto (1999). Some of his recent works include his earlier solo works featured in blockbuster films like Japanese Story (2003) and Babel (2006).
Ryuichi Sakamoto’s brilliance and ingenuity became apparent at a very early age, shimmering itself continually through his 35-year career. He enjoys singing and writing occasionally, apart from composing stellar pieces for piano. His works profoundly highlighted important transformations in music and has reached a wide audience, ultimately contributing to the numerous sets of awards he has won in the past. His piano scores on this Album give a wide perspective on his musical career; his ability to create various atmospheres, ranging from introvert quasi-minimal pieces to wild and expressive piano compositions. When playing the music of Sakamoto it sometimes reminds me of the musical world of Maurice Ravel, they both love the major seventh in harmonies so much. On the other hand is the music on these albums so open that listening to this music opens up your mind and provides you space to think and create…


Jeroen van Veen
Jeroen Van Veen (1969) started playing the piano at the age of 7. He studied at the Utrecht Conservatory with Alwin Bär and Håkon Austbö. In 1993 he passed the Performing Artists' Exam. Van Veen has played with orchestras conducted by Howard Williams (Adams), Peter Eötvös (Zimmermann), Neal Stulberg (Mozart & Bartok) and Robert Craft (Stravinsky). He has played recitals in Europe, Russia, Canada & the USA. Van Veen attended master classes with Claude Helffer, Roberto Szidon, Ivan Klánsky and Leonid Hambro. He was invited to several festivals; Reder Piano Festival (1988), Festival der Kunsten in Bad Gleichenberg (1992), Wien Modern (1993), Holland Dance Festival (1998, 2010) Lek Art Festival (1996-2007). Van Veen recorded for major Radio- and Television companies. In 1992, Van Veen recorded his first CD as Piano duo Van Veen. In 1995 Piano duo Van Veen made their debut in the United States. They were prizewinners in the prestigious 4th International Murray Dranoff Two Piano Competition in Miami, Florida. After this achievement they toured the United States and Canada many times. The documentary "Two Pianos One Passion" (nominated with an Emmy Award 1996) portrays them as a duo. In 2016 Van Veen was awarded with the NPO Radio 4 2016 Award, for his efforts and promotion of classical music beyond the concert halls. His lie-down (ligconcert) concerts were praised as an example how classical music can attract new audiences.
The various compositions by Van Veen may be described as Minimal Music with different faces, Crossovers to Jazz, Blues, Soundscape, Avant-Garde, Techno, Trance and Pop Music. His Minimal Preludes for piano, and his NLXL are some of his most played pieces worldwide. His latest Minimal Piano Concerto Continuum was a great success. In 2015 he premiered his Incanto nr 2 in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw with Sandra van Veen.
Currently Mr. Van Veen is director of Van Veen Productions, Chairman of the Simeon ten Holt Foundation, Pianomania Foundation and artistic director of several music festivals. He is also active as Overseas Artistic Director in the Murray Dranoff Two Piano Competition based in Miami. Over the last 25 years Van Veen recorded more than 180 CD’s and 5 DVD’s, mostly for Brilliant Classics. His dicography includes: Adams, Einaudi, Glass, JacobTV, Minimal Piano Collections, Nietzsche, Nyman, Pärt, Reich, Riley, Satie, Stravinsky, Tiersen, Ten Holt, Van Veen, Yiruma and many others.
Van Veen is also praised for his productivity some say; ‘the man who records faster than his shadow’.

“Dutch pianist and composer, Jeroen van Veen, the leading exponent of minimalism today”, Alan Swanson (Fanfare)
"Jeroen van Veen has for many years been a powerhouse in the piano world of the Netherlands and beyond", Dominy Clements ( Musicweb-International)
"The Maximal Minimalist Missionary", Raymond Tuttle (Fanfare)