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Van Veen Productions

City Soundscape

Duration: 30'00"

What is the the musical DNA of a City, could one capture the typical city sounds and build with it?

Marcel Bergmann & Jeroen van Veen recorded city sounds, organized them and compiled them to a new audio track.
Step two they added a traditional composition to it, so It became a piece for two pianos and soundtrack.
Finally live performed with their music, based on the audio track and added extra effect and instrument by improvisation.
In fact they created a three layer composition.

Part I, Culemborg City Soundscape, for 2 pianos and percussion, commissioned by the Foundation Lek Art and premiered in September 2002 on the Lek Art Festival, Culemborg, The Netherlands
First performance: Marcel Bergmann, Jeroen van Veen Fazioli pianos, and Peter Elbertse percussion.

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