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Van Veen Productions
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Van Veen Productions


Playing time: from 90 minutes to 8 hours

INDOOR or OUTDOOR performances possible

-Construction made by Bamboe and Tyraps and curtain, (see through)
-Outer circle (approx. 35 feet long) + 4 smaller inner circles
-For 2 to maximal 4 players inside each smaller unit.
-The Audience can walk around and step inside a smaller circle to be with one piano part.
-Musicians can play on digital or acoustic instruments.
-Below images of a performance that took place in The Netherlands, Veldhoven and in Amsterdam at the National Architect Institute.
-By changing musicians the duration can go up to 8 hours non stop!

-Music: Chants d’Estivaux, Douwe Eisenga of Canto Ostinato, Simeon ten Holt
-Photos by Bram Saeys & Theo Bos
-Both performances maximal 150 people were allowed to be inside the circle.

Theater de Schalm Veldhoven 2010

NAI , Amsterdam 2010